screen_printFor larger quantity orders, screen prints allow for quicker processing without sacrificing any quality. Screen printing is also ideal for larger or more complex designs, plus those that utilize a multitude of colors. Since screen printing can be mechanically done with nearly any stenciled design, the finished product can often resemble that of a detailed painting. Whether your logo is simply a brand name or an extravagant design, screen printing will help to make it perfect.

T-shirts can benefit greatly from screen printing. You can have your design or logo integrated into the shirt without looking like it’s pasted on top. The finished product looks smooth and organic, and this allows your brand to seamlessly integrate into today’s fashion.

Sweatshirts are also perfect for screen printing, as their wider canvas allows for more details and subtle touches. You can choose to have designs only in the front, or have it weave around the back from the sides. You can even have your logo written across the sides of the sleeves for increased visibility and as a nice aesthetic touch. This goes for long sleeve cotton t-shirts as well. Cotton is especially responsive to screen printing, and it will allow for a vibrant and sturdy design that will not fade away with frequent washes.

Screen printing allows you to professionally portray your brand or logo on any form of apparel. You can choose a minimalist design or an intricate one with a variety of colors. For large orders that need to be of the highest quality, screen printing is the best choice for your decorated apparel needs.