BusinessApparelYour business apparel can be enhanced with the addition of quality embroidery. Depending on your business, you may wish to have a more conservative design as to not distract from your overall appearance. However, if your attire is for a restaurant or cafe, then you can utilize elegant designs and beautiful colors to enlighten your customer’s day. Whether your business is casual or calls for more formal attire, an embroidered logo design is the perfect way to catch your customers eye.

For more conservative outfits, a simple logo on the front-left pocket will do wonders. It can be nothing more than the company name, icon, or a new design specifically for your outfit. You can also place subtle logos on the shoulders for an interesting, authoritative, and still fashionable look. Darker hues, such as browns or dark blues, work best for a formal setting. You can also use shades of red, green, and white to create a classy uniform. For more casual settings, you may wish to choose brighter and more youthful colors.

You can utilize embroidered designs on vests, sweaters, shirts, and even pants. A simple logo will allow customers to recognize you and your business, and by wearing your logo during interactions, the brand name will become ingrained further into their minds. Logos are all about recognitions, and with high-quality embroidery, you will be able to wear your logo comfortably and with style.